Come on, go for it!!

Mediterra Group has a lot of experience with startups. We've assisted startups set up in various jurisdictions, and we take great pleasure in seeing them succeed and achieving their aims.

Offshore jurisdictions are amongst the best places to begin a startup, because of the lower costs associated with these jurisdictions. The exception would be the UK, where one can setup a company almost as cheaply and quickly as an offshore jurisdiction.

The reality of startups is often different from other companies. They are on a budget, and may be more "experimental". This can cause problems with, for example, banks. This is because often startups do something which was traditionally done in one way in a new, different, way. Banks would often not understand these new methods and consequently would get suspicious of the business model and refuse to open an account.

We have a great knowledge of startups, and can help you start a company on a solid footing.