Introduction: we can help

What do we do?

We are a Corporate Services Provider and a boutique law firm based in Malta. The legal side is specialised in all sorts of commercial issues, ranging from the incorporation of companies, the provision of tax advice, financial services and shipping including registration of both shipping companies and vessels. We also provide services which are not strictly commercial but which go hand in hand with the world of commerce, such as the residency of individuals. The Corporate Services aspect of our firm provides ancillary backup services which are not legal but which are necessary for the smooth running of the company, such as accounts and audit and back-office services.

Matters to consider when choosing a jurisdiction

Our main areas of specialisation are Malta, the UK, Cyprus and Dubai. One must note that nowadays jurisidictions are not easily substitutable, and each jurisdiction has a distinct advantage over another which would mean that a jurisdiction might be more suitable to achieve a particular purpose than another. Therefore, one cannot approach the incorporation of a company as being simply one where one jurisdiction, e.g. Malta, can be easily substituted with another jurisdicrtion such as the UK or Dubai.

Amongst the various things to consider are the countries which the company will trade with. If it trades within the EU area, having a VAT number is an important consideration. This would restrict one to an EU country, such as the UK or Malta. However even within a highly harmonised area of law such as VAT legislation, there are some distinct considerations to consider. For example, in the UK businesses must register for a VAT number if the VAT taxable turnover is more than £82,000 (the ‘threshold’) in a 12 month period. Malta has no de minimis threshold, which means that even if one earns a couple of thousand euros in Malta, one must require a VAT number - always if the company is engaging in business which is VATable or which requires a Malta VAT number.